Founders Agreement as One of the Venture’s Foundations

Disputes between partners in startups are common and although they mostly will not reach court, such disputes may definitely bring the startup’s venture to an end. Further, the relationship between the founders may be one of the most important ones in their lives. On the other hand, at the startup foundation stages, the startup’s resources […]

The New Block Exemption by the Antitrust Authority: Does It Exempt Us?

The New Block Exemption The Director of the Israeli Antitrust Authority has recently enacted a new block exemption, which constitutes a material reform in Israeli antitrust regulation. The new block exemption applies to arrangements that withstand four conditions: (i) The arrangement is non-horizontal (also known as vertical). Vertical restrictive arrangements are arrangements between parties that […]

Corporate Venture Capital – Never Say Never

What is CVC? Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is a subset of venture capital whereby a large corporation invests directly (i.e. not through a third party fund) in an external startup company, to which such corporation may also provide certain services. CVC is unique from private VC in that its objective is not only financial, but […]

A Better Better Place

Better Place, the Israeli electric car startup, has recently been brought into liquidation procedures. Although from the immediate business perspective Better Place failed (which failure was not unexpected to begin with), there are many bright sides to Better Place’s story. Better Places’ story, is, among other things, a story of courageous Israeli entrepreneurship pursuing a […]

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s Desire to Become Part of Startup Nation

The Committee for the Advancement of Investments in Public R&D Companies The Chairman of the Israeli Securities Authority has nominates the Committee for the Advancement of Investments in Public Companies Operating in the Research and Development Field (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice). The goals of such committee include, in addition to support of […]

Trends in VC Investments in Israel

Some Recent Publications Fenwick, a US law firm, has recently analyzed the terms of venture financing for Israeli related technology companies during 2012. They found that an extremely high percentage of such financings, about 70%, were A or B rounds. The aforesaid analysis also allegedly shows that certain financing terms were less favorable than ever […]

מיזוגים ורכישות: אל תרוץ לספר לחברה הרוכשת

חשיפת מידע בעסקת רכישה בין מתחרים כידוע היטב בתחום ההייטק (Hitech), בכל עסקה לרכישת עסק (M&A), עורך הרוכש או המשקיע בדיקת נאותות של העסק (due diligence). במסגרת זו, מגלה המוכר לרוכש מידע מפורט בדבר העסק הנמכר על מנת לאפשר לרוכש לבחון אותו ולהחליט בדבר כדאיות העסקה. במקרים רבים עשויים הרוכש והמוכר להיות מתחרים, שאז עלול […]

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