The Cyvera Case Storm

The important district court ruling re Ben Abu was recently published. The ruling deals with the three founders of Cyvera, a startup in the cyber field. Upon the company’s foundation, each founder was issued an identical number of shares. In two separate dates, in the beginning and the middle of 2013, one of the founders […]

How Safe is SAFE?

The tools for startup financing develop over the years. Recently, the tool that becomes more and more popular for startups financing is the SAFE – Simple Agreement for Future Equity. In the Safe framework, the investor grants the company an investment and in consideration receives from the company an obligation to be issued shares upon […]

Legal Departments Know What They Want

As in other places in the world, the internal legal departments of Israeli Hitech companies are growing. Thus, they are measured more like other departments in such companies, i.e. per performance and budget. As a result, the sophistication level of such departments in the manner they purchase legal services increases. That sharpened external law firms […]

Yes to Privacy, No to Exits

  A new directive by the Privacy Protection Authority may lay a deathblow on exits, mainly by companies selling to consumers   The New Directive Most data held by commercial companies with respect to their customers is subject to the Israeli Privacy Law. Such statute focuses on the duty to register data bases with the […]

Timing is Money

The question when to initiate efforts towards raising funds from an investor is critical to ventures in the Hitech field. In this post, we tried to shortly review crucial considerations in this respect. Many of the Hitech entrepreneurs, who reach our offices for legal advice for their early stage ventures, also seek our assistance in […]

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