A company's M&A transaction is unlike any other to such company. It is in most cases the most important, complex and challenging transaction in a company's life, which raises so many sensitive matters. In light of the aforesaid, legal counsel advising on such transactions has to have unique skills and character.

M&A transactions are typically done through mechanisms of share acquisitions, assets purchases or mergers, depending on the circumstances.

The firm has vast experience in representing acquirers, sellers and targets in M&A transactions of all sorts and sizes, with Hitech companies as well as with companies of other segments, including appropriately handling the sensitivities such transactions raise. The firm specializes in the structuring of M&A transactions, the negotiation of M&A transactions, the corporate aspects of M&As, drafting of M&A agreements and other documents, including term sheets and disclosure schedules, the due diligence review of targets as well as consulting on related regulatory matters.