Advisory Board

If you are a founder of a startup company or intend to establish such a company, you know that the challenges that you are facing are not just technological challenges.

You know that the future of your wonderful idea depends not only on your R&D capabilities, but also on your ability to cope within the current Hitech world through proper building of the company's strategy, the company's legal infrastructure, its fund raising capability, it ability to deal with large bodies, the company's connections community in your field and the ability to take the right decisions throughout the full path.

You are probably familiar with and hear of many startups that fail because they did not succeed in coordinating with or competing against large scale bodies and dealing on a day-to-day basis with more sophisticated bodies, such as investors, partners, banks etc.

You want to give your startup the best chance to succeed and that begins with your initial decisions.

My name is Adv. Ronen Monosevich, I have been living the Israeli Hitech world for many years and my objective is to provide the best chances to succeed to each entrepreneur who is interested. This will hopefully also contribute to the continued growth and success of Hitech in Israel, which for me constitutes the most fascinating, exciting and sophisticated world that could be.

As one who is intimately familiar with large scale bodies, I developed, based on my personal experience and the experience of numerous startups with which I worked throughout the years, a unique work method that shall assist you in all of your challenges as a startup, from building the legal framework, through the connection to key people in the Israeli Hitech world and the opportunity to consult with them, through strategic analysis of the company's path, to assistance in fund raising.

In the basis of our unique working method stands the Advisory Board, which is composed of leading professionals, experts, entrepreneurs and investors in the Hitech industry, who cooperate with our firm on a regular basis. Further, the Advisory Board members shall conduct meetings with the startup companies in our office, in order to discuss their strategy or preparation for raising funds (Investment Committee), per the needs of each company.

This way we methodologically provide you with access to the experience and expertise of key people of the highest class in the Hitech world, the access of the general entrepreneurs public to whom is limited, and enable you to benefit from the experience of those who already succeeded.

The Advisory Board members are:

Yaniv Bertele - VP Business Development, Consumer Physics. In his role as VP Business Development, Yaniv's responsibilities span across strategic collaborations and sales activities, including leading the entire Consumer Physics' commercial team. Prior to joining Consumer Physics, Yaniv served as VP Business Development at Goji, world leader and pioneer in Solid State RF heating and sensing applications. In his previous position Yaniv served as VP Business development at CTG Holding, leading cleantech investments and global BOT projects.

Shlomo Gadot – Founder & CEO, Innuitiv. Formerly Founder and CEO, Modem Art (acquired by LSI) and Percello (acquired by Broadcom).

Noam Gilutz – Founder & Managing General Partner, DS Strategic Partners

Sigalit Kilmovsky – Partner, Grove Ventures.

Gabi Lee – Founder & Chairman, Sergata, leading software house

Ronen Monosevich – Founding Partner, Monosevich & Co., Law Offices; Chairman & President, the Hitech Committee of the Israeli Bar Association. Ronen leads numerous large scale and complex local and international transactions, including the negotiation, drafting and due diligence aspects thereof, towards successful completion. Ronen is considered a leading expert in the representation of startups, technology companies, investors of various sorts and other players in the Hitech area, with respect to all aspects of corporate and commercial law, corporate finance and M&A. Prior to the foundation of Monosevich & Co., Ronen served as a senior associate at Meitar Liquornik Geva & Co. and as a partner and head of the Hitech department at Shavit Bar-On & Co.

Tzvi Monosevich – Founder & CEO, Applitec, a medical devices company.

Yair Nagar – Senior Partner, Ernst&Young. Yair has vast experience in providing advisory and audit services to startups and public companies mainly in the Hightech sector, including in many M&A deals.

Eyal Niv – Managing General Partner, Pitango.

Teddy Nehmad – Founder & CEO of CCapital Investment & Business Solutions LTD, Co-Founder & CEO of CDigital (SW & Application R&D and MVP & POC development). He is a serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor. He is also a partner & consultant in many technological startup ventures and companies (software, brain & behavioral sciences applications, medical devices, communication applications, bio technology, AI & hardware). Teddy is also the Chairperson of the Educational Fellowship at the Levinsky College of Education and is actively involved in local and international social ventures.

Michael Petchatnikov – Founder & Managing Partner, Sharp Alpha Capital. Formerly, Founder, Chairman & VP Technology, VisionMap (acquired by Raphael & SK Group), and Founder and & VP Technology, Telmap (acquired by Intel). Michael founded Telmap when he was 17.

Ophir Schahaf – VP Business Development, EHealt Ventures, an incubator focusing on digital health. Formerly, VP Business Development, Clal Biotechnology and Portalix, a major biopharmaceuticals company, and CEO, Hadasit Bio. As part of his role with Hadasit, he led an IPO and five financing rounds as well as fund raising by the portfolio companies.

Zvi Schechter – Founder & Managing Partner of Giza.

Meir Orbach – Hitech Editor & Senior Reporter, Calcalist.

Yaron Vilan - veteran entrepreneur, having founded and managed VisionMap and finally successfully sold the company. Since then Yaron has been investing as an angel, mentoring entrepreneurs at A3I accelerator and is now founding a new startup.

Yossi Yaaccobi – Director of Watech, the Entrepreneurship Center of Mekorot, the national water company; Chairman of Watech 2015, the leading international water and environment technology conference. Yossi has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment, desalination, pumping equipment, pipe works, water supply systems through engineering and sales. Yossi is in charge of the applied research in Mekorot, which includes activities with the academia and research institutes in Israel and abroad. Furthermore, he is responsible for promoting the field of intellectual property within Mekorot.

Yoram Zer – experienced patent attorney.